WMI Picture Day Schedule

Below is the schedule for the Fall 2016 WMI Picture Day, being held on October 18 in both the Primary and Intermediate Buildings.  Any questions regarding Picture Day should be directed to Nicole Mitchell.



Primary Building
October 18, 2016

9:30am 1-6 Wolcson
10:00am K-5 Graniello
10:10am K-6 Hoffman
10:20am 1-2 Lange
10:30am 1-3 Mercurio
10:40am 1-4 Orner
10:50am K-8 Uhlinger
11:00am 1-1 Browne
11:20am 1-5 Rauch
11:30am K-4 Cotter
11:40am K-1 Clark
11:50am K-7 Lerit
12:00pm K-3 D’Andrea



Intermediate Building
October 18, 2016

9:50AM 4-7 Sabatini
10:00am 2-9 Kirby/Klatsky
10:10am 3-3 Schultz
10:20am 3-1 Bennett
10:30am 2-4 Garbato
10:40am 3-6 Trentini
10:50am 3-2 Corrella
11:00am 3-5 Rorrison
11:10am 4-5 Maxim/Gansle
11:20am 4-2 Greene
11:30am 4-1 Coghill
11:40am 2-1 Alexandre
11:50am 4-8 Stark
12:00pm 4-3 Krieb
12:10pm 4-6 Renaldo/Gulde
12:20pm 4-4 Lattuca
12:40pm 2-7 Urban
12:50pm 2-5 Klees/Cook
1:00 pm Valot
1:10 pm 2-3 Darcy
1:20 pm 2-2 Castiglione
1:30 pm 2-8 Votino
1:40 pm 3-4 Rivera
2:10 pm 2-6 Lombardi



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School/Community Forum – Thursday October 20

The Board of Education invites community residents to participate in their bi-annual School/Community Forum
Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 7:00PM at Longwood High School.

Residents are invited to express their points of view to the Board of Education or simply listen to the comments made by others.  Organizations within the Longwood community are also invited to send a representative to comment on behalf of their organization.

Each speaker will be given the opportunity to speak for up to five minutes instead of the usual three.  Speakers will be assigned a specific time to speak on a first-come, first-served basis as they register.  Speakers should also submit written text of their comments. Individuals who prefer not to speak at the public forum may submit their comments in writing.  

To register or receive additional information about Longwood’s School/Community Forum, please call Judith Rice, District Clerk, at (631) 345-2795 or e-mail [email protected]

Immediately following the Community Forum, the board will present Mr. William K. Miller with the Carl Verdi Community Pride Award.  This award recognizes and honors a person who, over a sustained period of time, has built lasting bridges between the Longwood School District and the greater community. 

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Haunted Hallway Helpers

Attention 4th Graders!

This year, the WMI PTA Fall Fest is being held at the school on October 22nd from 11am-2pm.
Due to limited space and safety concerns, we can only accept a certain number of helpers.
This year, helpers will be chosen through a lottery system.

If your child would like to have their name in the lottery, please sign and return the permission slip no later than Monday, October 17th


No entries received after Monday will be placed in the lottery.


Click for Printable Form


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